Alright! I’ll give in and make an about page. I’m Abby, I’m 24 and I live in the Chicago suburbs, so I can’t really say I’m a true Chicagoan, but I like to consider myself a self-appointed honorary one. I’m an Early Childhood Education major working as a 1:1 aide in an alternative school, so life is an adventure every day. I’m working on going back to school for a Master’s in something more specialized, but I’m not very sure what yet.

I like to spend my free time baking (obviously), playing video games, avoiding the cold, reading, and wasting away on Reddit and Pinterest.

I’m also lucky enough (that’s right, I said it: lucky!) to be in a long-distance relationship with the coolest English-speaking French guy from Montreal ever. It is forcing helping me become less of a cynic-wrapped in a “everyone finds love”-ist-wrapped in a cynic… ist.


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