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Well I’m not too sure in which direction I want this blog to go, but I felt like I needed one again. I wonder if WordPress just feels too professional, and maybe I should go back to being a high-schooler again on LJ or Dreamwidth…. 

ANYWAY I guess I’ll start with a post about how I’m on a mission to use up two huge jars of Nutella before I break down and eat them myself.

The jars:



I don’t know if that’s a useful comparison but they’re very big jars, I promise you.

Normally I never let Nutella into my house, because I’m seriously addicted to it and it wouldn’t last more than a couple days before I’d finished it off. However, I was up in Montreal visiting my boyfriend and staying with his family for a few days, and his mom sent me home with, among other delicious things, these two Costco-approved jars of Nutella. So I’m on a mission to bake all the Nutella things.

So far I’ve made a batch of these really yummy, fudgy chocolatey cookies baked with Nutella which I brought to work and discovered they were gone by noon, a batch of crescent rolls with Nutella in the middles, and Nutella-stuffed peanut butter cookies.




I didn’t document the chocolate cookies unfortunately, but I got the recipe from here. The peanut butter cookies I kinda smushed two recipes together: I used the peanut butter cookie recipe from here and followed the process of putting little Nutella disks inside from here. SO GOOD.

Today I’m going to try my hand at a gluten-free Nutella and mascarpone pumpkin roll… Results to follow.


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